Complementary feed for pets

It helps maintaining an appropriate balance in the body for the presence of electrolytes sodium and chloride ion. It has a moisturizing activity and it can be used in all situations accompanied by dehydration states caused by chronic diseases, gastro-intestinal disorders with vomiting and diarrhea, in the working dog and / or sports and in subjects under stress to exposure to excessive heat , tours, exhibitions, etc. REIDRA  also plays an action against all the states of "oxidative stress" to which the body is subjected: aging, strenuous exercise, pollution, poor diet.

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Rehydrating Indicated in states of dehydration, for stressed, sports and work subjects
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Age Adult Old

REIDRA  can be dissolved in water at ambient temperature with a measure of 15 g of product in 500 ml of water. It is recommended to prepare the solution as needed and possibly keep the container in a cool place and away from heat sources. Any sediment in red is part of the normal characteristics of the product reconstituted in water; stir before administration to obtain a homogeneous suspension. REIDRA can also be used by mixing it with the traditional feed, both wet and dry in a dose of 0.5 g per kg of body weight (1 tablespoon = 11 g of product).

Administer according to the needs for very short periods.

Milk and by-products, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, starch, maize, oils and fats, flavours.

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