Starter Kit

Complementary feed for pets

Starter Kit is specially formulated to give a real support in the growth of the puppy and in the critical step between the breeder and the new owners. The prudoct is made of:

Restore Puppy
Set of molecules that stimulate cell regeneration and slow down the enzymatic degradation of cartilage, they play an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity. Nutritional supplement for use in advance in the first year of life in subjects at risk of diseases of the joints. Restore Breeder Plan Pet is recommanded for those in strong growth.
Entero Appetite
Thanks to the action of M.O.S. (mannan-oligo-saccharides) and coated butyrate restores the proper development of beneficial intestinal flora and improves the absorption of nutrients through the structural repair of the intestinal walls and giving a stimulus to the villi growth. ENTERO APPETITE promotes the secretion of immunoglobulins, responsible for an effective immune response in the intestinal mucosa


  • Promotes the development of proper intestinal flora useful for solving problems of diarrhea.
  • Increases the immune system.
  • Deals with local inflammatory processes (from weaning enteritis, viral and bacterial enteritis, enteritis in general).
  • Its use is recommended during antibiotic therapy, intestinal parasites, malabsorption cases, motility disorders and related conditions.
Puppy' s Growth It provides a real support to the growth and in the critical step from the breeder to the new owners
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Età Puppy

Mix the product with the traditional feed. Please, after mixing, do not cook the food because the nutritional content would be altered.

We remind you that 1 teaspoon = 4g, 1 tablespoon = 11g.

Restore Puppy

1° Administration: 6 weeks.

Daily administration of 0.50 g/kg body weight up to 30 kg body weight of the subject. Over 22 kg, the maximum daily dose is 22 g.

Maintenance: 0.30 g/kg body weight of the subject.


Kg body weight 1°Administration Maintenance
10 5 g 3 g
20 10 g 6 g
30 15 g 9 g









Entero Appetite

1° Administration: 3 weeks.

Daily administration of 1g/kg body weight up to 22 kg body weight of the subject. Over 22 kg, the maximum daily dose is 22 g.

Maintenance: 0.20 g/kg body weight of the subject.


Kd body weight 1°Administration Maintenance
10 10 g 2 g
20 20 g 4 g
30 22 g 6 g
40 22 g 8 g
50 22 g 10 g

Restore Puppy: vegetable oils and fats high in coated polyunsaturated fatty acids, Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, glucosamine (8 %), chondroitin sulfate (2 %), methylsulfonylmethane (2 %), minerals Vit A, D3 E, C (all microencapsulated).

Entero Appetite: legume seeds, minerals, vegetable oils and fats, yeast, yeast cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, microencapsulated butyrate, preservatives, glutamine.

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