Osteo Recovery Horse

Complementary feed for horses

Nutritional supplement designed for a correct and balanced growth of colts, through a fair amount of proteins, energy and minerals. The development of orthopedic diseases are often caused by dietary deficiencies or imbalances that affect the colt in this phase. It' s also recommended for the nutrition of breeding females in gestation and in the post-partum.


  • Nutritional balance of the foal growing
  • Skeletal and muscle development
  • In mares against the risk of collapse of hypocalcemia
  • Integrity and proper functioning of the joints
  • Antioxidant action
Horse Weaning Proper mineral, protein and energy intake that prevents the development of orthopedic diseases
Prodotto adatto a: cavallo
Età Foal Broodmare

Administer 10-30 grams per quintal of live weight or mix 0.5 kg per quintal of complete feed

Minerals, vegetable oils and fats, dried yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, plant extracts.

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