Basic Protein

Complementary feed for pets

Modern dietetic formulated for sport dogs and subjects in growth, provides all the nutrients in a highly bioavailable form with basic proteins derived from the fish. For a healthy and natural dog feeding, represents an excellent energy source that improves welness, click and muscle tone of the subject. The microcapsules ensure the protection of the active ingredients (vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids) that dont undergo the usual degradation caused by environmental factors, contact with oxidizing substances (iron, copper, choline) or even by interaction between vitamins. A daily use of Basic Protein promotes a constant prevention from damage linked to nutritional deficiencies.

Daily diet for dogs The maximum you can have from daily diet
Product suitable for: cani
Age Puppy Adult Old

For their nutritional properties BASIC PROTEIN products is suitable to be used in association with any feeding in recommended doses. It 's important not to cook the product to avoid altering the essential vitamins and fatty acids. Adding Basic Protein, we suggest to reduce the daily feeding ratio.

Administration: 0,50 g per Kg body weight.


Kg body weight Administration
10 5 g
20 10 g
30 15 g
40 20 g
50 22 g







(1 teaspoon = 4g; 1 tablespoon = 11g).

Vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, fish oil, minerals, herbs, Vit A, D3, E, C Omega 3, choline, folic acid, biotin (all microencapsulated), trace elements,magnesium.

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