Evviva Products


Evviva faces the daily challenge of enhancing the quality of life of our Pet in a natural  way  through a proper diet, producing nutraceutical supplements that combine nutritive and preventive functions, being made of probiotics, antioxidants, polyunsaturated  fatty  acids (omega-3,  omega-6), vitamins and enzyme complexes. To feed the wellness and live the health, Evviva supplements show unique characteristics that make them high quality products, generated through a detailed lab research and  using  technologically advanced systems as the Spray cooling or Spray fluid bed techniques used in the process of microcapsulation,  that ensures a real and total intake of nutraceuticals active principles contained inside. Evviva has designed four product lines: VET LINE,BREEDER LINE,MILK LINE and HORSE LINE built around your needs, by the many benefits, helping avoiding the occurrence of typical diseases of certain species, promoting  the general health of the animal, delaying the aging process and not least, relieving stress and fatigue, especially for sport, work, hunting and exhibition animals. Our products meet several other requirements for puppies, mares and special cases of need...so find out Evviva, feeding that cures!