Horse Line

A line inspired by the direct experiences with horses,useful in
cases of gut disturbs with Emilcox Horse Plan, of toxicosis with
Detoxi Horse Plan, while for pregnant horses and their foals,
Omega 3 Horse Plan offers many benefits including the improvement of the coat shine, an increase of the immune system and anti-inflammatory activity.
Epato Recovery Horse Plan
is also
recommended in the post-operative
and for liver disorders. There are also
products designed specifically for the
weaning of the foals and to protect
the joints subjected to constant stress,
such as Osteo Recovery Horse Plan which is
also indicated for broodmares to prevent collapse of hypocalcemia. Evviva created Omega 6 Horse Plan by many advantages from immune stimulant to an anti-inflammatory action, it is also suggested to prevent and IgA nephropathy. Finally we thought of a nutraceutical supplement
to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis in predisposed colts or in subjects affected
by orthopedic diseases with Breeder Horse Plan.