Bioavailability of the active principles

Digestibility of Evviva products has been studied by applying a chemical-enzymatic method of incubation in three steps (Boisen, 1997). The same study was applied to other products, commercially available, not protected by microencapsulation but with different technologies. The experimental conditions of the three steps in the respective incubation copy the stomach, the duodenum and the intestinal environment. After each step the products were analyzed to quantify the active substance remaining ingested. The results show that Evviva products are completely digestible thanks to the microencapsulated protection system while others hold up to 50% of the active substance initially present. It follows that the active ingredients in Evviva products are completely bioavailable and are released slowly throughout the gastro-intestinal tract.

Conc.% active substance in EVVIVA   products microencapsulated Conc.% active substance with other methods
T0              100                       100
T1                            59,2                      72,7
T2                            27,2                      59,6
T3                              1,5                        49