Product Features

For processing Evviva products are not used animal proteins (meat), but vegetable proteins
and derivatives of animal origin (eggs and milk).  Another  key aspect of  Evviva  production is
the use  of  food  grade  raw materials. Evviva products occur in the form of  microcapsules
to ensure a real contribution to the neutracetical principles contained.

Because of their characteristics  Evviva  procuts can  be  added  to  the daily  meal (dry, wet
or  food cooked or  prepared at home ).  In fact,  their  function is to  make  the nutrition of  the
animal truly  complete, thus  preventing the  effects of imbalances  and damages  caused by
a  poor or wrong  diet.  Therefore they  can  be  used  both  as  maintenance  and  preventing
during  periods  of  healing  diet.  It  is  important  not  to cook  the  products,  not  to alter  the
nutraucetical principles enclosed.