Vet Line

Designed to meet different and specific demands of the cat, dog and even mares,
Vet line has valuable therapeutic benefits but also preventive through the action of natural nutraceutical principles that maximizes the resources of the body in case of need. As Coccistat Plan Pet, 100% natural product against protozoal infections, or as Restore Breeder Plan Pet, indicated for joint deseases. Entero Plan Pet instead, is born as a regulator of intestinal functions, essential for the welfare of the animal, while other products are enriched with vitamins, such as Vit C5 Plan Pet with ascorbic acid or Vit AD3E to improve night blindness, it also supports the process of ossification. Evviva has designed many other products useful in cases of intoxication, like Detoxi Plan Pet, or Omega 3 Plan Pet by the many benefits as an antinflammatory action or an improvement in the coat shine(an indicator of healthy skin), or against struvite, with Urosan Plan Pet. Moreover, this line offers products dedicated to subjects in cases of dehydration even accompanied by intestinal disorders such as Rehydra Plan Pet. For broodmare dogs however, Evviva has created Lacta Starter Plan Pet as a valid support in the animal's diet during a delicate phase for herself and for the puppies. Finally, a high intake of "essential" fatty acids by the many secondary benefits, to be integrated in the diet, it is offered by Cla Prevent Plan Pet that with a good tonic and anti-inflammatory action, reduces stress from work and sports, proves to be very effective not only for the welfare of pregnant dogs, but also for the puppies through lactation.The line has also proposes a Kit called Starter Kit, which is dedicated to puppies in the sensitive stage of transition between breeder and the new owner.