Italian Amateur Swiss Cattle Dogs Club Meeting

This year we meet up in a very beautiful resort, in "Vialeggio sul Mincio", Verona (Italy)! The C.I.A.B.S (Italian Amateur Swiss Cattle Dogs Club) organized a special edition ... with surprising results in the veteran class!

  • Beehma Molinasco prop. G.Carminati 2 exc, veteran class
  • Beautiful Electra To Infinity Molinasco (Beauty) vp, junior class
  • Bi-jojo Carry on Molinasco (Jojo), 5 vp, junior class
  • Van Eyck jan Molinasco (Tabù) prop. C. Ceruti, 1° exc, junior class
  • X-Max Yamaha Molinasco (Oliver) prop R. Arioli, exc, junior class
  • Vanity Fair Molinasco (Fergie), exc, junior class
  • Rolls Royce Phantom Molinasco (Royce), exc, open class
  • Pretty Little Boom Boom Molinasco (Pato) prop. P.Bombardieri, exc, open class
  • Ravishing Orchid Molinasco (Rose), exc, open class

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