SAS Sectional Meeting Amateur Schaferunde in Villa Crati the 27 th November 2011

 Working Class Males:

  1. Excellent Rambo vom ZELLWALDRAND
  2. Excellent SCIROCCO see haus SCHWERZEL
  3. Excellent QUAN vom GOLDNEN STRAND

RAMBO VOM ZELLWALDRAND has been a promising dog since he was just a puppy. Today they speak of him as a good subject, excellent for the coat and muscle tension and even they still get surprised when they see him live racing in the championship. "Almost a whole other story, watching him during his surprising performance" in which he shows the strong character and style. Also ideal for breeding, in 2010 RAMBO ZELLWALDRAND VOM and VOM Ülke Wittelsbacher Schloss gave birth to 8 puppies (4 males and 4 females).

 Rambo progeny:

 -The daughter Madlene, 2 MP Junior Class Females, Valle Crati S.A.S

 -The son Sonny, 4 MP Junior Class Males, Valle Crati S.A.S

 In short ... good blood does not lie!

 They write the story of the successes of EVVIVA supplements!