They look like normal dogs: they bark, wag the tails, socialize, stay close to the owner and never miss a cuddle of a complete stranger like me! Everything is impeccable, until they come out with red harness specifically designed for sea rescue next to the owner wearing a diving suit and as super heroes are ready to devote themselves to the next, jumping from a helicopter, by a patrol boat or challenging waves several meters high! And we, hungry viewers of excitement, handle cameras, camcorders, mobile phones in search of symbolic shots that can enclose all the vibel that animates this world. A reality made first of all of love for the dog and willingess to share unique experiences that only a relationship of "Canine Unit", a single whole one-man dog, can give!
The voluntary work of the Civil Defense colors even the noblest sentiments the image of these super-heroes! On the 19 th of July at Iseo Lake we were in many spectators staring while tens of Canine Units paraded with courage and fierce look towards the helicopter ready to embark on an action of helicopter rescue, the final test, along with the diving SAR (Search & Rescue) patrol boats to secure the SICS Patent released by the Ministry of Transport and Navigation. The Italian Sea Rescue Dog School has trained up to 300 Civil Protection Canine Units, employed every summer in beaches and often their names jump into the headlines for having saved some lives in the sea! If you also want to enhance your relationship with your dog (at least 20 Kg) with volunteer experiences close to nature and sport then you're in the right way! Evviva Staff participates from the ground supporting this dog activity first and unique ​​in the world, designing nutritional supplements that help optimize the performance of lifeguard dogs at the time of searescue, after hours and hours on the beach under the sun. And when we read of their successes, we feel a little "heroes-for-a-day", too.