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Every company wonders how to contribute to your happiness and we have found the answer in ensuring the wellbeing of your inseparable four-legged friend with what we know best: nutrition and the study of patented technologies such as Microencapsulation, capable of protecting and make more effective the active ingredients present in the Bowl.

We will not have super testimonials to tell you more about our products but MILO, a dog born from the sketches of a cartoonist, with a funny personality but also a bit arrogant and awkward who will accompany us with his stories to learn more about EVVIVA® Microencapsulated Supplements.


Does Milo have a stomach ache, does he poop badly?

Is Milo no longer able to jump on the trunk of the car?

Does Milo need to be supported in his growth?

Is Milo old or is he a super sporty dog?

Does Milo have plucked coat or does he suffer from itches of unknown origin?


An answer to every need in the form of Supplements in Microencapsules to mix with the feed in bowl, to rediscover the happiness of enjoying his company… EVVIVA®, NUTRITION TO ENJOY!


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