Here you will find a list of questions with the most frequent answers that are provided. For more information see the contact page

How to administer the product?

On the back of the package you can find the recommended doses in grams that shall be multiplied by the kg of your furry pal (for example, a 5 kg dog that must take 1 gr per kilo of ENTERO APPETITE will take 5 gr daily). Our supplements are specially made to be mixed with both dry and wet feed, it is very important that once it’s mixed it is not heated or cooked.
The product can be administered whenever. With dry feed it might be useful to add a drop of water to make it more palatable.

What is microencapsulation?

Microencapsulation protects the active ingredients from external and internal agents, increasing their bioavailability. Here we explain it more in depth https://www.evvivapet.com/en/azienda/the-technology/

Can it be administered with other supplements and medications?

Our supplements can be combined without problems! With supplements from other brands and with medicines it is always better to get in touch with your veterinarian or pet nutritionist.

Are there any suspension periods?

Being a supplement there is no need for suspension periods. They may be needed depending on your pet health status and the advice of your veterinarian or nutritionist.

Is there a minimum consumption period?

Yes, we recommend at least 4 weeks. Feed supplements are health aids and do not act in the short term like prescription drugs, instead they help the body to achieve a state of well-being through nutrition. This takes some time.

How do I store the product?

Just make sure you close the zip well and keep it cool and dry place.

What are the shipping times?

From our e-commerce 24/48 hours nationwide, while 72 hours to the islands. For any other country we suggest to contact our customer service info@evvivapet.

My breeder gave me a discount, how do I use it?

You must register on our site. In the upper right corner click on the second icon to create your profile. Write an email to info@evvivapet.com and take advantage of the discount.

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