Basic Protein

Basic Protein

Complementary food for dog’s muscle development

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Dietetic of modern conception to optimize the daily diet of the dog , Basic Protein is indicated for all subjects of different ages and races: it provides main nutritional elements (noble proteins, fatty acids, fibers, vitamins and microelements) in highly bioavailable form with protein base derived from fish. For a healthy preventive nutrition of the dog, Basic Protein represents an excellent energy source that improves the well-being, sprint and muscle tone of the subject. A daily diet supplemented with Basic Protein promotes constant prevention from damage related to nutritional deficiencies and helps muscle development.

How to use

Mix with traditional food, both wet and dry. After mixing it is important not to cook the product. During the administration of BASIC PROTEIN it is advisable to decrease the daily meal ration.

Recommended Quantities

0.5 g/kg of body weight per day (1 teaspoon: approx. 4 g, 1 tablespoon: approx. 11 g).

10 kg5 g
20 kg10 g
30 kg15 g
40 kg20 g
50 kg25 g

3a671 – Simultaneous use with Vitamin D2 is not allowed.


Vegetable hydrogenated oils and fats (from palm and from soybean), maize starch, yeasts products from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, whey powder, vegetable oils and fats (coco*, linseed* and soya), wheat flour, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, dicalcium phosphate, glycerine, potassium chloride, calcium sulphate dihydrate..

Additives per KG

Vitamins, provitamins and chemically well-defined substances having a similar effect

3a672a - Vitamina A*81.000 U.I.
3a920 - Betaina anidra*24.000 mg
3a671 - Vitamina D3*7.500 U.I.
3a300 - Vitamina C*7.500 mg
3a890 - Cloruro di colina*2.500 mg
3a316 - Acido folico*1.000 mg
3a700 - Vitamina E*780 mg
3a314 - Niacina*350 mg
3a821 - Vitamina B1 (Mononitrato di tiamina)*90 mg
3a825ii - Vitamina B2 (Riboflavina)*82 mg
3a831 - Vitamina B6 (Cloridrato di piridossina)*54 mg
3a880 - Biotina*7 mg
Vitamina B12 (Cianocobalamina)*3 mg

Compounds of trace elements

3b606 - Zinco (Chelato di zinco di amminoacidi idrato)*690 mg
3b101 - Ferro (Carbonato di ferro (II) siderite)502 mg
3b503 - Manganese (Solfato manganoso, monoidrato)*175 mg
3b201 - Iodio (Ioduro di potassio)* 105 mg
3b506 - Manganese (Chelato di manganese di idrato di glicina)*91 mg
3b413 - Rame (Chelato di rame(II) di idrato di glicina, solido)*88 mg
3b801 - Selenio (Selenito di sodio)*3 mg

Amino acids, their salts and analogue

3c322 - Monocloridrato di L-lisina, tecnicamente puro*20.000 mg
3c301 - DL-Metionina, tecnicamente pura*5.000 mg


1a297 - Acido fumarico*5.000 mg
E 296 - Acido DL-malico*2.000 mg
E 330 - Acido citrico*1.000 mg
1a338 - Acido ortofosforico*800 mg


E 321 - Butilidrossitoluene (BHT)300 mg

Flavouring compounds

2b17034 - Glicina*39.500 mg


Analytical tenors


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