What is the secret of Evviva® Supplements, why do they stand out from the others? They are Microencapsulated! Ok wow, but what does that mean?


Strengthened by the twenty-year experience of the parent company SILA® in the care of livestock, our internal Research and Development Laboratory designs ad hoc lipid-mineral matrices, often patented, able to protect the active ingredients such as Sodium Butyrate | for the intestinal health or Omega 3, 6 | for the health of the skin and the general wellbeing of the subject, from the external environment (e.g. light, oxygen, humidity) and from the internal environment of the organism such as gastric juices they activate during digestion, ensuring the controlled release of these active ingredients in the intestinal absorption sites. 


The Microcapsules enclose and protect the active ingredients also from degradation caused by technological factors (pressure, temperature) or oxidizing agents (choline, iron, copper) often present in feeding and from the incompatibilities that may arise between the active ingredients present in the same formula (think, for example, to those existing between fat-soluble vitamins and choline). With microencapsulation, it is possible to cover small solid particles or liquid substances even from unpleasant odors and tastes, increasing their palatability for our beloved Pet.

The stability of the active ingredients contained in the microcapsules are tested with an in vitro method which consists of 3 enzymatic incubation steps, to predict the total digestibility of the active ingredient in the intestinal tract, in the intestinal tract, responsible for absorptive function.

In summary, microencapsulation offers

  • Preservation of the active ingredients from atmospheric agents such as light, oxygen, humidity or sudden changes in temperature that also can cause peroxidation
  • Stability of the active ingredient in the acidic environment of the stomach
  • “Slow release” of the active principle to reach the absorption sites in the intestine
  • Greater bioavailability of the coated active ingredients present in the product
  • Coverage of unpleasant odors and tastes to improve its palatability.

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