Microencapsulated sodium butyrate

SILA®, the parent company that produces Food Supplements EVVIVA® , is a leader in the production of Sodium Butyrate, Microencapsulated with patented technology EP 2 352 386 B1 , for the food market FEED and FOOD, essential for the health of the subject, thanks to the restoration of the balance of the microbiota. Butyrate, produced by the bacterial fermentation of dietary fiber in the intestine distal, is the most important of the short-chain fatty acids in promoting the proliferation of colonocytes and enterocytes, and in stimulating and supporting the correct maintenance of the intestinal mucosa (Ziegler et al., 2003), regulating its motility, pH and blood flow. In addition to the trophic effects, the protected butyrate plays an important role in repairing intestinal lesions and against intestinal inflammations such as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease or colitis of the large intestine), which has as its most common symptoms diarrhea.

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Added to the normal diet in developing monogastric animals such as pigs, the microencapsulated sodium butyrate increases the ratio, in the intestine, of Lactobacilli / E. Coli. This is possible both thanks to its direct antibacterial action, aimed at pathogenic bacteria, and thanks to the local stimulation of the immune system. The result is greater animal welfare, which shows a reduction in episodes of diarrhea and malabsorption (Lin et al., 2020).


Protected sodium butyrate, used on poultry, is a food supplement useful even in more serious cases, to reduce typical infections such as those from Salmonella, by acting in the intestine on the bacterial population present. contributes to limiting the use of antibiotics, in an excellent way of greater environmental sustainability (Wafaa et al., 2016).

The length of the intestinal villi is an excellent parameter to evaluate the effectiveness of the protected sodium butyrate: used in pigs, it stimulates the proliferation of epithelial cells, increasing the intestinal absorbing surface. Furthermore, it preserves the length of the villi. intestinal and increases their number. All this, combined with an indirect effect on pancreatic secretion, results in an improvement in the absorption of nutrients, essential for optimal growth and a better general health of the animal (Upadhaya et al. , 2020).


The results obtained in the FEED sector were then confirmed in the FOOD sector, and the protected sodium butyrate has become a fundamental complement for the dietary treatment of subjects suffering from colon diseases with altered trophism of the intestinal mucosa.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action and its regenerative properties, it has been administered orally (in a protected, target-release form) to patients with various diseases affecting the colon, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

The study showed that sodium butyrate microencapsulated with patented technology, positively alters the microbiota of these patients , increasing the amount of bacteria capable of producing short-chain fatty acids, especially butyrrogenic bacteria . The result, for patients, is a significant improvement in the quality of life (Facchin et al., 2020).

In patients in remission, oral administration of protected sodium butyrate significantly improved the rate of clinical improvement and patients also showed better inflammation markers, especially fecal calprotectin (Vernero et al. , 2020).

SILA®’s patented sodium butyrate has been tested, again in the FOOD Diet, also on patients affected by acute proctitis, caused by radiotherapy, which manifest themselves with symptoms such as diarrhea and severe pain: it has considerably reduced the intensity and frequency of these symptoms, significantly improving the quality of life of treated patients (Bortolus et al., 2021).

The excellent results obtained in the FEED and FOOD research have been translated into the PET sector leading to the development of Entero Appetite, to promote the correct development of the beneficial intestinal flora and improve the absorption of nutrients through the structural repair of the intestinal walls and stimulating the villous growth. Entero Appetite is a food supplement particularly useful to be used in case of diarrhea and dysmetabolic conditions, during drug treatments or malabsorption and for subjects suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases. Also recommended to promote a correct intestinal structure in developing subjects.


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